Samsung Galaxy S4 price in Canada

    For those of you whom may never heard yet, Galaxy S4 is the name of the new Samsung high-end smartphone from the Galaxy S Series.

    The Galaxy S series are probably the most popular and beloved smartphone series ever built (right next to the iPhone) and they met an insanely success with the arrival of Samsung Galaxy S, the first high-end device Samsung ever built. The Galaxy S was launched at Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona, and it was a blast! People just loved it and bought it in over 30 million units until this very moment, but the Koreans wanted more. They decided to build a success for the Samsung Galaxy S, the Samsung Galaxy S2.

    This new device got significantly improved both on the hardware and software sections, and it was running Android Gingerbread 2.3.6. Launched also at Mobile World Congress, but this time in 2011, the Samsung Galaxy S2 was the thinnest smartphone ever built at that moment. The design was completely different, the screen was much wider, the RAM memory was 1 GB (instead the 512 RAM the Samsung Galaxy S had) and the processor was 1.4 (not 1.2) GHz Dual-Core. Samsung Galaxy S2 was sold in over 20 million units all over the world!

    But again, time passed and the Koreans felt like it was time to surprise us all, so they came out with the Samsung Galaxy S3. Unlike the other devices we spoke about earlier, the Samsung Galaxy S3 had not been presented at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, an had a special self-hosted Samsung event. The purpose was to create more buzz alongside the product and… it worked! The Samsung Galaxy S3 is by far the best of the Samsung Galaxy S series (got significantly improved, just like the Galaxy S2) and it managed to sell over 10 million units, in less than 55 day. That’s absolutely amazing!

    In spite of all that, we are absolutely sure that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be even better than the S3. As far as we know, the Galaxy S4 will have a $649.95 price tag but we’ll keep you posted with other news as well.

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