Samsung Galaxy S4 price in US

    In February 2010, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Samsung were launching their latest device called the Samsung Galaxy S. We are talking about a high-end smartphone, that got popular insanely fast! The Galaxy S got sold in over 30 million until this very moment, and it really showed the great power of Google and Android. Time passed, and in February 2011, also at Mobile World Congress, Samsung decided to launch the successor of the Galaxy S, the Samsung Galaxy S2. The Koreans significantly improved the device, they made it larger, more powerful, they changed the design, and they made the thickest phone ever built. Samsung Galaxy S2 as well got popular quickly and due to this fact, it managed to get sold in over 20 million units until today.

    Another year passed, Samsung decided to launch the next device from the Galaxy S series. This time, they decided that it would be better if they self-hosted the launch event, and that was a smart move. When Galaxy S3 came out, everybody was like convinced that they need to buy this awesome smartphone. Again, the device got significantly improved, the design was changed, and Samsung came with something new, as they always do. In less then 55 days, the Koreans managed to sell the Samsung Galaxy S3 in over 10 million units. Now, the world is expecting the new Samsung Galaxy S4.

    As far as we know, the device will be available somewhere in March 2013, and il will bring up many other innovative features. We have been told that the 16 GB version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will cost $629.99 and will be available for the US citizens in early April. As far as we are concerned, we are more than excited about this new device and we desperately want to check it out as soon as it gets launched. We are convinced that the tradition will be continued, and Samsung will launch another insanely powerful device, that will blow our minds away!

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