Samsung Galaxy S4 release date in Canada

    According to some specialists, the most popular smartphone series would be the Samsung Galaxy S series, this devices outnumbering even Apple’s iPhone. The first device of the series, the Samsung Galaxy S, went out in February 2010, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It was the first high-end smartphone ever designed by Samsung, and it managed to get sold in over 30 million units until this very moment. The second device of the series, the Samsung Galaxy S2 was also launched at Mobile World Congress but this time in February 2011, and it managed to reach the 20 million units sold faster than any other device ever did. The third and the last smartphone of the series, the Samsung Galaxy S3, was unveiled at a self-hosted event, and managed to get sold in over 10 million units in less than 55 day. On September 6, 2012, the Koreans at Samsung were announcing that the Galaxy S3 crossed the border of 20 million units sold.

    The Korean Times is the oldest English-language newspaper in South Korea. For us, at least, the Korean Times is the most accurate prophet regarding the Samsung products because of their relationship with Samsung employees. According to some of them, Samsung is going to launch the new smartphone of the Galaxy S series, the Samsung Galaxy S4, at Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona. This quite surprises us as the Koreans probably organized that self-hosted event just to increase the buzz around this new device, and they did it well as the S3 managed to get sold so well that fast.

    Also, according to The Korean Times, Samsung want the new Galaxy S4 to be available all over the world in March 2013 which seems quite unreachable for us. They unveiled the Galaxy S3 in March 2012 but the device was available only in May 2012. How will they manage to make the Galaxy S4 available all over the world in just one month? That’s quite impossible.

    Rumors say that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 will keep the same old tradition that made the first three devices of the series famous: new improved design, new improved software, new improved hardware. According to the design, the new Samsung Galaxy S4 will be even bigger that the Galaxy S3 is, and it will feature a 5.0 inch display (with 0.2 inch larger than the previous). Also, the Koreans at Samsung announced that both the Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy S3 will receive an update to Android “JellyBean” 4.1 in October 2012. We think that this is a method for the Koreans to show us how fast and improved this new software is, and promote their new device in this way. Fortunately, according to Samsung employees, the Galaxy S4 will be the first Samsung device to feature the new Cortex A15 processor.

    Unfortunately, Samsung decided to deny each and every rumor that goes out in the press. They probably want to increase both the popularity and the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S3, as their target is to cross the 30 million units sold border until the end of 2012. We believe that some of the rumors will be confrimed after Samsung will have the new Galaxy S4 finished and ready to show it off.

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