Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. LG Optimus G

    As it turns out, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be the principal competitor to LG’s newest smartphone, the LG Optimus G, and to each and every single high-end smartphone producer if we take a second and think about that. Both devices feature absolutely brilliant hardware specs, and it will sure be difficult for those to compete with each other. The previous Galaxy S series device, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has met absolutely huge success, while the LG Optimus G was, let’s say, just not so common.

    While the LG Optimus G is about $399.95 in the United States of America, the price of the very new Samsung Galaxy S4 will be around $629.95 at it’s launch date.

    As we were talking about just earlier about the LG products, the producer never met satisfactory success withing selling it’s products, while Samsung managed to reach more than 10 million sales in less than 55 days with their Samsung Galaxy S3, and by September 2012, the Korean producer announced the record-breaking 20 million sales border.


    When comparing the two products we’ll realize that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 will probably feature a similar design with the Samsung Galaxy S3’s, smaller margins but with the same size of the phone, multiple colors available (white, black, blue, red, gray). The device won’t have probably feature a physical button.

    The LG Optimus G has sharpen edges, which is quite classy, bringing up some sort of business style. Unfortunately, the LG will be available only on black, but on the other hand, it does not feature any kind of physical button (except of the sided one).


    The Samsung Galaxy S4 will feature a Pentile Super AMOLED (just like the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Samsung Galaxy Note, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2), 5.0 inch display (with 0.2 wider than the Samsung Galaxy S3’s). The Korean’s smartphone will also feature Gorilla Glass 2, and it will have 440 PPI. When it comes to the resolution, 1080×1920 FULL HD will be the scale of the new Samsung Galaxy S4.

    If we take a look at the LG Optimus G, we’ll see that this one will feature a True HD-IPS + LCD capacitive screen,with 16 million colors available. The screen will be about 4.7 inch and it’s resolution will be 760×1280. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S4, which will feature 440 PPI, the LG Optimus G will have only 318 PPI, but will also be protected with Cornering Gorilla Glass.


    The guys at Samsung discovered a successful recipe: the new design and improved hardware managed to sell the Galaxy S series like no other. Continuing in that idea, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will feature one 2 GHz (unlike the 1.4 GHz processor featured by the Samsung Galaxy S3) Quad-Core Cortex A15, 2 GB of RAM memory, and World-Wide available LTE connection. The graphics board will be the Octo-core Mali T678 GPU while the device will be available in 3 versions: 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. As it turns out, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will feature the nano SIM and the camera of the device will have 13 MP.

    Returning to the LG Optimus G will feature one Quad-Core 1.5 GHz processor, with 2 GB of RAM memory and Adreno 320 graphics card. The internal memory should be 32 GB, while the rear-faced camera should feature 13 MP. Micro-SIM is the option chosen by the guys at LG for their very new device.


    It was being said that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will feature the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Not true! This new device will be updated to Android 4.2 KeyLime Pie, expected to come out in December 2012. It is being said that this new version of Android will feature a Customization Center, which will allow the users to change both wallpapers and ringtones. This new Customization Center will give the option of enabling or disabling the OEM UI overlays like HTC’s Sense or Samsung’s TouchWiz. Users have been claiming that manufactures took a wrong decision when decided to develop them at first.

    Also, the Templates everyone was talking about will allow users to change the layout and appearance of the UI elements, and apply Instagram-like effects to their UI.

    Not to say that there is some sort of a word on the street which says that the Android 4.2 will come with a bunch of whole new and helpful features. The improved battery life, the evolved, redesigned and personalized Google Play experience, the improved versions of Google Now and the AOSP video player are just some of the upgrades brought by Google to the new Android operating system.

    Unfortunately, we can’t tell for sure just now, but if the rumors hold on their own, we will find out at the end of this month. We should keep our fingers crossed.

    Coming back to the LG Optimus G, this new device will feature the Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, which is actually not cool at all. The device expects an update to the Android 4.1 JellyBean until the end of this year, but no one knows when will that come out. I guess we’re about to find out sooner or later!


    Due to the facts we presented earlier, I think is easy to say that each and every one of us would prefer the whole new Samsung Galaxy S4. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until February 2013 to see it at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and wait again until March 2013 (again, according to the rumors) to be able to purchase it. Also, the difference of price between this two new devices (of $230) is quite considerable. Does it worth it? We believe so.

    But all in all, it’s quite hard even for us to get to a conclusion. Yes, it seems like Samsung does better at each and every chapter of our review, but that’s not all we want from a smart phone. It’s about preferences, and demands, and so on…

    Please let us know what would you choose if you would want to buy one of this two devices. We’re actually curios to see if LG has more than one chance to beat the Samsung in the sales chapter.

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    • Shathyan RajaFebruary 13, 2013 at 6:29 am

      Nice Article. It was a good comparison of Samsung Galaxy S 4 with LG Optimus G.

      I’m waiting for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 to check out all its awesome features.

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